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Vritomartis er det ideelle stedet for å prøve offentlig nakenhet for første gang. Å være uten klær gjør at personen virkelig kan nyte følelsen av vind og sol, bris og vann!



Vritomartis er et flerdimensjonalt feriested. Kombiner naturisme med
aktiviteter som naturist båtturer, turer, turer til en vingård og mer!

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Vritomartis er et lisensiert naturistanlegg. Fra soloppgang til solnedgang er alle ytre områder naturist eller ...

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Velkommen til Vritomartis
moderne naturistanlegg
på Kreta, Hellas.
Før du velger hvor du skal svømme, sole deg og slappe av, bør du vite om vår nudiststrand. Vritomartis kombinasjon av naturist svømmebasseng og naturist strand anlegg!
En gang i uka organiserer vi en dagstur til det sørligste punktet i Europa at ingen kan gå glipp av det. Besøk noen majestetiske strender, inkludert den 2. vakreste stranden i verden ...
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Vritomartis er det ideelle stedet for å prøve offentlig nakenhet for første gang. Å være uten klær gjør at personen virkelig kan nyte følelsen av vind og sol, bris og vann!

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My Naturist Experience at Vritomartis

When we arrived at Vritomartis nudist resort, after a beautiful and exciting trip over the White Mountains from Chania, we were pleasantly surprised. Mountain goats were climbing along the road and we drove off the road and rolled the windows down to soak in the warm air, smell the mountains and bimling sound from the […]

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Deciding Whether Nudist Holidays Are For You

Are you toying with the idea of visiting a nudist beach and going on nudist holidays? Are you still thinking whether nudist holidays are for you? For most of us, the thought of visiting a nudist resort or a nudist beach would have crossed our minds at least once in our lifetime. If you are still […]

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Naturist Holidays at a Naturist Beach for a Rejuvenating Experience

Do you know that naturist holidays at a naturist beach or a nudist resort can be extremely rejuvenating? Every year thousands of people spend their holidays in naturist beaches because naturist holidays give them complete satisfaction and an unmatched experience. However, there are also good number of people that dream of such naturist holidays but […]

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Dare to Bare – What about a Naturist Holiday

So what are you doing for your holiday this year? A Gites in France? A villa in Spain? Camping in Italy? An ‘all-inclusive’ in the Caribbean? Mmmm – OK but how about something different? A holiday that may seem a little ‘risqué’ and one that when suggested to most people causes them to throw up […]

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Nudist Beach, Nudist Swimming Pool, Nudist Hotel – or All Three?

We naturists come in an amazing range of ‘shapes and sizes’ and I suppose that the same can clearly be said for what we want on our naturist holidays! Some want to relax and sunbathe by a nudist beach with that wonderful ‘sea breeze; some of us want the ‘sophistication’ of a gently heated, clean swimming pool, […]

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The Perfect Naturist Holidays

What makes the perfect naturist holiday? Well clearly it depends on what you like to do for relaxation. Some climb mountains, some like to sail, some like to learn new skills and some simply like to soak up the sun. If like me, you’re a naturist then soaking up the sun completely ‘au naturel’ in wonderful surroundings is […]

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